Monday, February 26, 2007

My first assignment is about the sensory physiology of the migration of wildebeest. How interesting is that…

Sunday, February 25, 2007

No one is more worthy of Praise than my God

Finally my summer holiday ends. It has been wonderful that I’ve seen how much God has blessed me in my life. I have an awesome family who loves me and supports me so much, and I have my second family here – more than OCF, actually I describe it as a family of Christian students. God has answered my prayers; I was worrying about finding a place to stay in Palmy while I was in Malaysia. My heart is constantly wrestling about worry or not to worry. Should I try my best to look for a flat? Or leave it to God? I tried look for flat through internet, but I hardly can do anything: I couldn’t visit the flat by myself, I do not know who are my flatmates and how would they be like. Then I prayed to God. In the past, when I pray, I just submitted everything to God, and let Him decide everything for me. But this time, don’t know why, I listed my requirements of the flat that I want to: I want Christian flatmates (its best if I know them), I want a somewhat nice flat (not those old, dirty and spooky ones), I want the flat in a good location (better close to town), and of course reasonable rate and furniture included. Well, sounds very choosy, but guess what, God gave them all to me! Even much better than I expected! Now I’m living in a double-storey recently painted house, with 3 big bedrooms, 1 big kitchen, dining room, and a big lounge. I got all my furniture for free, all the electronic stuffs like washing machine, fridge, microwave are provided by generous friends, and the most important: awesome flatmates! One of them works with international student ministry, she is a Chinese Malaysian, another one is the leader of teachers college Christian group, and my good friend! I’m actually planning a mission trip to Taiwan end of this year with her. How awesome is this! God is extremely patient, loving, caring and faithful to me, what else can I ask for?

BESIDES, before this morning I was actually doubting if I should do church hopping as I wasn’t sure if my current church is right for me. I do not know exactly what I expect from church, but I know something was missing there, in the church which I always go to. However, this morning I went there again, and I was overwhelmed! This morning is a special service combined with Chinese congregation, when we start singing worshipping the Lord, my heart was melted! Something missing has come back into my heart! The worship reminded me of childhood, during the early times that I started knowing God and worship God as a family and community in my hometown. I guess maybe it was because of the bilingual service that was so similar to my church back home. However, it is more than that, the strong force of God presence has swept me over and over, I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit entered me, and when the new pastors started to share their testimony, I could not control myself anymore, my tears just keep falling down and I was so overwhelming with joy. I do not experience this often, the last time I was like this was the day of my baptism. At that time, that was the tears of repentance, I cried because I recognised how sinful I was, and by grace God has forgiven me through Jesus Christ. But now is different, this is the tears of joy. As I am working out what does it meant by being a joyful Christian and glorify God, the Spirit has touched me. I feel so much joy in my heart that no words can describe. It is different than happy, it is a deep, heavy, hearty feeling of thankfulness and happiness I describe as true joy! I was so happy that God has sent two pastors to the church, and they are so humble and truly love and wants to serve the community. I just want to be involved in this church, and grow and serve under the leadership of one or both pastors. I can see much hope and potential in the growth of the church, both spiritual growth and growth of community. My conclusion for the day is: even we do not deserve to request God for anything, He still wants us to ask Him, and He will provide, and provide generously, abundantly. What God ask from us, is just submission, honour, and love for Him, so that His glory can be displayed. Who else is more worthy our treasure other than the only living Almighty God who gives us His only Son?

I am excited! I can’t wait to see what amazing thing God will do next.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The beauty of God is displayed where nature is preserved. Open your eyes you’ll see the beauty of creation, open your hearts and you’ll see the glory of God.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Visit Malacca

The welcoming of the great giant lizard of the Malacca river
Stadhuys and Christ Church Malacca

Hokkien association

Negeri Sembilan