Saturday, January 01, 2011

My song of choice this new year


It is new year. Description my feelings now? Heavy. Received a call from my parents in Taiwan last night, found out my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer and tumour in the neck, and if the tumour is cancerous, it means that he is already at the end stage. Grandma told my mum that she felt a lump at the breast, and it's painful, but haven't been to check up yet, so we don't know what that is. Cloud of gloom surrounds the whole family, as mum just lost her brother recently, not yet recovering from the pain of loss, there are more challenging issues surfaced.

What should be our attitude like, when we face such almost unbearable suffering? Shouldn't we start thinking why there is suffering, what is the purpose of our lives, and what will happen when we die? The Gospel is really fundamental to Christian attitude and thinking, as it explains everything, gives meaning and gives hope to life. The gospel should DEFINE our lives. 'When we are still sinners, Christ died for us.' That's a short but astonishing statement, revealing the abundance of God's love and grace on hopeless humankind. It is comforting to know that though we are hopeless in sin, whether big or small, Christ has overcome with his infinite power on the Cross. He is the figure that we should look up to, and longing deeply for. We wait patiently for his return, for his fulfillment in future promises.

The dilemma is, what about those who never heard about the gospel? Were they given a choice? I can only say that God is sovereign of all, he has chosen the ones that he chose to love and accept, according to his mercy. Will our prayers and effort make a difference? It might not. But our attitude and action will show where our heart and treasure is. Therefore I pray, pray that the Lord shall have mercy on my grandparents and the family, firstly for salvation, because without salvation everything is meaningless and left them only with pain and hopelessness.

With my limited knowledge and imagination, I couldn't think of how the gospel can reach their ears and hearts and make them understand, but I believe God is the God of miracles, He'll have his own way in doing things, if He wills. Secondly, I pray that God will heal them, physically and emotionally. Not because of greed in having them and enjoyment in life, but because I love them. No one likes to see someone they love in pain. Thirdly, I pray that things will fall into the right place, whoever we are, we must know, learn and worship God, and follow God each day in our lives. We suppose to do what we suppose to do, which God intended us to do, because God is good, all the time. And we know that in all things God works for the good to those who love him, who have been called to his purpose. In Christ Holy name, Amen.