Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tour Route

Possible route plan:

Frankfurt - Cologne - Utrecht - Amsterdam - Hannover - Bremen - Hamburg -Berlin - Leipzig - Dresden - Prague - Vienna - Salzburg - Garmisch - Lindau - Freiburg - Heidelburg - Rudesheim - Frankfurt

in 21 days (Eurail)!


"Intoxicated" by Europe

My heart is confused again, burning with flames going to Europe. This is a dream I have since I learnt about fairytales and the world map. Flight to Frankfurt less than SGD1000, September best time to travel, no job, has some savings just enough for a month, friends there, less than 25 years old. If not now, when is the best time to travel? I feel so complex, how about my cafe business? How about my family? How about God? Will they bless me? What about my back, will my backache suddenly vanish and supports 20kg for 30 days? How about my sleep? Will I able to sleep well whenever I go? How? How? How? Why am I always putting myself in this position? Is this godly? How to be godly in this situation? How to listen? How do I know where God is leading me? Ah... too hard lah...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Justify Full

Feeling complex right now. Tomorrow is my last day of work. I don't know how to conclude. I even doubt whether I have made the right decision. When I look at myself in a third person position, I am shocked that how can a person so contradicting to herself?

There are two worlds, two kinds of people in my life. They are the same in nature, they are humans, normal people, but they have different personalities. I grouped them into two because I can relate well to one group, but cannot relate to the other group at all. I do not know whether I tried to pretend or tried to be someone else to please everyone, until I do not know who I am anymore. I feel like a solar energy activated device, like a calculator, only works under light, but useless in darkness. Or a laptop without battery, completely rely on the power input from the wire cable. I feel 'normal' when I am being with Godly, Christian friends, yet when I am within the world, I lost my light and saltiness, I feel dead. Why is it? I tried to remember the bible and God's goodness but my memory is just so bad. I can only remember things which are related to things happening at the moment or things completely unrelated at all, but cannot remember the things which really matters.

How do I conclude my current job? On one hand I feel that I had done my best, and I solved a lot of problems and made things straight, I helped whenever I can, tried to be a good worker in God's and people's sight, and I had contributed some useful ideas and input to the department. Yet on the other hand, I feel completely useless. After talking to my colleagues, I feel that my presence had brought a lot of trouble to the department, and everyone had tried to help me yet I still could not ''get myself up'' to do the things I suppose to do. The worst thing is my mouth. Even how hard I tried to guard my mouth still I said a lot of things I'm not supposed to said to people I'm not supposed telling to. I don't know when is the right time to speak, when is the right time to remain silent. In fact, I always do the opposite, that's maybe why I got myself into a dilemma. One side of me feels strongly to stay and make a difference in the workplace, prove myself right. The other side of me strongly feel that I am wasting my life, this is not the path I destined to walk, there are something else out there for me to discover and accomplish. I think, other than personality clashes and cultural differences at work, I am torn inside my inmost being as well.

I can repent and sing God's song for a moment. Yet another time complaining about other people and everything. I hate myself for so divided. I can be simple, one heart, purely worshiping God for a moment, and the next moment I feel self pity and ashamed for myself, but thinking others are not much better. How evil I am! Or I can laugh and celebrating my freedom from all these commitments and bondages, but at the same time sad and disappointed with myself for being irresponsible and unable to endure and commit to make a difference? Between myself, people, a dream, and God, whom/which do I really really live for? Sometimes I live for myself, sometimes I live for my family, sometimes I live for someone whom I admire, sometimes I live for my dream, sometimes I live for God. I 'vowed' to God at some points of life that I will believe in Him and love Him with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength. I do, when I remember. But when I forget, I don't know who I lived for. Does it meant that I do not love God enough? Maybe I don't, because I am not capable to, I am an emotionally handicapped person, I have problem loving others. Even I do, I'm unable to love with all my being all the time, but only fragments of time.

My heart can tell me to serve God and love Him and do His Will, but my heart will tell me to follow my dreams, for youth is God-given and short-lived, and I should enjoy the most while I can. My rationale is telling me that I should deny myself, do something meaningful even it will cost my youth and dreams. Will God give me a dream and through this dream I can serve His Kingdom? Or will God give me something seems impossible to do, to test my obedience and devotion to Him, then later on only reveal the fruits? How open should I open myself to God? It will be better for Him to limit down the options so that I can choose carefully and correctly, the road which leads to something which has everlasting value.

How can I love God and try not to talk about Him at the same time? How can I love God and pretend I don't pray before I eat? Why do I pretend as if there is no God in my life? How can I do that? Why do I know I need to submit to authorities but still crossing red lights? At the very moment I was doing it I was thinking over it as well, my will is strong but not strong enough to change my actions. As if my brain, my four limbs, my mouth, my ears, my eyes, all working on their own, like government hospital. I have less and less sense of 'control' in at own body, work, and life itself.

I just want to be simple. Even I pride but hate about myself at the same time. Do I love myself? Which type of love? Narcissism? Or love myself as a temple of Christ?

Lord, I had failed you many many times, too many until I am too ashamed to ask for you acceptance again. Look at the horrible me and the unquenchable longings I have, there is no other place for answer except one thing: "Unconditional Love" which only can be found in Jesus Christ. The Law fails, I hate the laws, everyone is trying to be judges and placing judgement on every single person they met. Even a world can run 'smoothly' under man made laws, it is meaningless. For what? If it is not to protect weak and poor, and bring justice for the victims, to protect people from getting hurt, what is the law for? Law is law. Law is dead. There is nothing wrong to cover our own 'backsides', therefore directly or indirectly is blame is pushed to others, but someone has to bear the blame, and be punished. Love is different. Something Singaporeans has a lot to learn for. Love is patient, love is kind, love is when someone go volunteer himself and take up the blame and punished for other's 'sins'. But the problem is, after the person is free from punishment, he goes on and goes on doing that same thing and making others to absorb his blame. Is it fair? Can love surpasses the law, at the same time justice is being made? Too complicated. If I have to choose one, I choose to hate my rotten, dying flesh, and trust the bible says that one day Jesus will come again, and our bodies will be transformed into glory. Hate myeself - Love God - Wait in Hope like a sweet, quiet, child.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Again, relieved after rejected being offered second chance to stay and work at my current job. I don't really have anything to let go except the money. haha. My dreams are burning again, it was hard to suppress my passion while I doing something I do not enjoy, and it turned out to be a nightmare. Yesterday I had a good day of rest at home, and re-look at my cafe business plan which I wrote 1 year ago before I start work in Singapore. I drew out the possible image of what my cafe will be look like, and revised my business plan in further detail.

I have 3 passions in life: 1. God and redemption of His people 2. Hospitality 3. Fine arts.

Passion for God has been planted in my heart since I was around 5 years old when I first started going to Sunday school, and passion for the redemption of His people was awakened when I learned more about Him while studying in New Zealand. I was disappointed with the churches I went in Kuala Lumpur, and had hard time looking for the 'right' church to fellowship with. That led me to make the decision of working and staying in another country, Singapore.

Passion for Hospitality sprouted when I was working in New Zealand. I hate hospitality to a certain degree, for some reasons. Yet I see many problems can be fixed and it can be a pleasant career and place for people to enjoy and relate. I love making espresso coffees and various drinks while I worked in a small cafe in Palmerston North. It was my ideal, I loved working there, except they have too little hours for me. It was a small cafe with less than 10 tables, small counter with a 2 ground Espresso machine accompanied by the coffee grinder, with some cakes, slices, muffins, and pastries. The regulars were the sales promoter from the CD shop nearby, a call operater from Telecom, hairdressers, chocolate shop owners, guitar shop owner, some lawyers, and retired old folks. I enjoyed talking with them, serving them while each of them have different preferences, I remembered their names and their favourite coffees. I loved decorating fluffy for kids and see their delighting faces. I simply love to serve and bring joy to people.

Passion for fine arts started naturally, I discovered it when I started to learn how to hold a pencil and drawing shapes and putting colours. Mum knew it and searched for a few arts teacher for me to learn from and I ended up attending art class with a famous local artist in Kuching for a few years. As I can remember I had 3 arts teacher in Kuching. My paintings were exhibited at Waterfront, a famous landmark in Kuching, was proud when my parents saw it there, unforgetable. Then I joined Arts Society for 5 years in high school, done a lot of things there, memorable experiences.

I'm an idealist, I tend to get everything at once and don't want to compromise one or another. After quitting my job, this thought came into my head: start a IEC church in KL, open my cafe, and hang/sell my paintings in the cafe, and the church is partially funded by the cafe. Hahaha.... seems too idealistic isn't it, I am greedy. Advantages of IEC: Well grounded in the Truth and Grace of God, Indonesian speaking = similar to Malay (opportunity to approach malays without being too obvious), Chinese speaking = my mother tongue, and most of my friends speak mandarin, unity and understanding between Indonesians and Malaysians, and a support for Indonesian and other overseas students in KL.

In conclusion, I can fulfill my 3 passions at the same time: have a church family in KL (can bring my family there), opportunity to reach out to unbelieving friends, a 'tentmaking' source which I can enjoy (cafe), and place to express my passion for arts, don't mention I can reach out to my regular customers too, and give Malaysians a chance to taste real Espresso coffee!

Wa... am drooling already, daydreaming huh... well it seems workable. I will keep it low key cos some people might think that i'm daydreaming again. But this is my life passion, I wish it can happen, if it's God's will. Anyway, I have my first confirmation today that IEC is going to KL(at the right timing)! the rest, see how things go first... maybe before I start the business I will work somewhere else to save up more, and maybe I will come back to Singapore again for a while... who knows... lets commit all my dreams into His hands and let Him work through it. :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Just want to be in You

Lord, why the burden of life seems so heavy? I am exhausted, cannot breath. No more strength to face tomorrow, how am I going to finish my last month at work? Why my tears always could not wait to gush out from the corner of my eyes? Why can't I reason anymore? Why can't I even handle small things? I am so ashamed of myself, whom the one said no fear in life, yet have so much fear. I lost my sleep in vivid dreams, I am sleepy throughout the day, I have no appetite to eat. When the wheel of life seemingly going up again, it became worse than it's original state. Are you challenging me? Who are you? The Lord or Satan? Let me go, let go this fragile, helpless soul , leave me alone for a while so that I can regain my strength to fight again.For there is still this little voice of hope telling me that, 'I'm not defeated yet, let's wait and see!'

Father, I won't ask you to prove your love to me, for the cross has explained it all. I won't ask you to heal me, for you know what you are doing and there is a purpose behind it. I won't ask you to fulfill my desires, dreams and earthly longings, for I am certain that you have something far greater. But Lord, please don't hand me over to Satan, don't let be me too weak to sin. Just give me this last little strength to live a holy and blameless remaining life, and always be in You.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Decision Made

Finally, I resigned. Feel relieved. Should have done this long time ago. Yet I feel sad, for the fact that I'm leaving Singapore, leaving IEC, leaving God's grace (in Singapore). Thank God for all my friends here, Hilda, Nigel, Cedric, Lilis, Ita, Daniel, Jane, Wenting, Shee How, Pa Yahya, Bu Jung Jung, Maria, Siu Sien, Lily, Evelyn, Cecel... many many more... Lord you are so gracious towards me, for putting these people in my life. Maybe I will stay here, maybe I will move on. Yet no matter what, you are sovereign over my life, you are looking after me. My faith and hope is in you, I trust in your sovereign love. Thank you for Jesus, thank you for the cross which set me free. No guilt in life, no fear in death, here for the power of Christ I stand. Amen.

Once Again