Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thoughts for the moment

Indeed only in times of desperation and despair will draw me closer to God. Trying not to find all sorts of excuses but to say sorry to Him, and to make time and space to give thanks and worship Him. Life has been good so far and really thankful for things He has given. I shall not forget Him in times of 'abundance' and remember those times in 'poverty', He has been faithful. Am eyeing on a contemporary church seems not so strange to me, it's near my house and I'll try it out once I have my own car. Lord, I think it is the good and right time for me to come back, since I have been through certain things outside and walked with your faithful servants, I'll be more able to hold my character and remain conscious in the midst of worldly temptations. I won't say tomorrow will be the same or better, or I expect tomorrow will be better, for I understood this life is temporal, yet I give thanks to the Lord for his graciousness towards me in life until now. The promise is certain, the hope is reality, yet the road to there is unknown. Yet I need not be afraid, because I know that He will be always by my side until everlasting.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Am feeling weird as my emotional state is going through some sort of "hormone-like" changes after start working. It's a time to adjust myself and fit into the environment. Just because I care, I try to handle relationships with colleagues and superiors carefully. As a semi-newbie in the corporate world, it is not so easy, at least not as easy as I thought when first stepping into my first job. I learnt to be humble, learnt to bow my head, learnt to submit, but my heart looks to God, as if I work for Christ alone. I'm still feeling like a weirdo, try to be cool but not so cool, try to be myself but not so myself. It takes time to stabilise. Like a boat going through a windy, narrow river, try not to hit the shore, that is how I feel. Try not to make mistake, try not to offend anyone, try to blend. It's ok, it takes time, I'll get used to it. So far, I like this job, and enjoy it. I am very grateful to God's answer to my prayers. I hope I be a light and salt for Christ in my workplace.

Next things to come up: buying a car, finding a church. May the Lord guides.