Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maslow's and God's hierarchy

All things are possible. it's about timing, and if God's willing. So there's fulfillment for bottom three levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Not necessary biblical, but this seems workable for me, and I'm searching for the top 2 now, esteem and self-actualisation. Yet I believe God has different priorities for the five needs and they come in different order. Perhaps in God, the triangle is upside down, from widest top to narrow bottom:

1. A relationship with God, knowing who He is and why are you here for.
2. Confidence in Christ, by knowing the purpose of soul redemption and recognising one's identity.
3. Fellowship with believers/Christ followers, by loving, serving and enjoying one another.
4. Fulfillment in serving God, taking part in His work of making disciples.
5. Experiencing God's grace and miracles in life.

Why man can't find fulfillment once he secures his life and having everything he needs? I know without God, I can never be fulfill the highest level in Maslow's hierarchy - self-actualisation, because there's no meaning to it without God. Am definitely not a good Christian but I got to admit life has no meaning without God. It will be another word for "self-actualisation" in God's hierarchy. It would be "joy-in-union"? or "submission in complete joyfulness"?