Thursday, May 24, 2007

My lifestory and the photocopy machine

When I was a little kid, I lived next to my grandfather’s printing factory and office, therefore I had full access to the photocopy machine there. I liked colouring, therefore I photocopied my colouring books and coloured the same pictures again and again. At mid-autumn festival, I photocopied the pictures in the colouring books and made a lantern from that.

When I went to high school, I use the photocopy machine to copy notes and other people’s homework (for reference!), and there was only one machine in the school library which is situated at the 4 floor. So it always took my whole recess time to line up and photocopy stuff. Oh, and it eats coins too, so I need to find extra coins for it (hopefully can pick some up from the floor).

After I finished high school, I went to college (and I can’t locate the photocopy machine there now). During summer holiday I went to work at an office as an officegirl. My job is to work on computers, printing, filing, stapling, and photocopying. Sometimes I stood whole day in front of the machine printing piles of documents. The more urgent it needs, the more I marked up the process. Too many times I wasted a lot of clean, white papers which is environmentally unfriendly. I’ve learnt how to find out problems with the machine, and tried to fix it if I can (since it broke down frequently).

And now I’m in uni. What should I say? There wasn’t as much problem before the old machines were being replaced. I was excited about the new machine and photocopying system, since printing is 3 cents cheaper than before, and can play with various new functions of photocopy machine. My favourite is to take out the stapler of a whole stack of documents, and put them through the feeder, and put the stapling option, and the machine will automatically staple them! However, there were too many times that I put the papers facing upside down so I was double charged to get the copies.

Today, I was excited about the photocopy machine again, went to the photocopy room, photocopied my stuffs. Then I saw a guy stood there, I thought he don’t know how to use the machine so I was being friendly to try to offer help, and he rejected me twice because he was just waiting for the ID to be authenticated.

And then, few hours later I wanted to photocopy my friend’s notes, so I went to the machine at the 2nd floor. Saw my other friend there photocopying his groupwork handwritten by his friend. I suggested he took out the stapler and put through the feeder. Well, the first time I put it upside down (the machine is different from the photocopy rooms ones and the way to put the paper is facing oppositely), then they all turned out blank. The second time, the original piece was jammed in the machine! The paper crimpled and the machine hanged. So we have to restart the machine and wait for another 5 minutes to start photocopy again. Then I left my friend because I feel that I bringing all the “bad luck” to him. Then I went back to photocopy my things, the smart photocopy machine detected the size of my material is A3, so it printed A3 size of all my documents.

I don’t know what to say, perhaps I’ll try to love photocopy machines again.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why Jesus perform miracles in selective occasions?

Why Jesus perform miracles to certain people but not everyone? Isn't it is good if everyone who prays get healed and prayers were answered so that people will believe in God?