Tuesday, September 28, 2010


First time realising how useless worry is. Dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday for dengue fever. Was more relax earlier thinking that it will soon be over, but now looking at his tired face and weak body, I'm starting to feel the seriousness about it. Thoughts came across like how if daddy is not here anymore? It's a scary thought... Such fear arises and haunting my weak spirit. I love my dad very much, and I hope that he will live on and give me another chance to love him more.

I have been eating my words, that even I got my car I never been to church and serve God. I don't know how related it is to the suffering my family has been going through, but certainly the weight of guilt is pounding on me.

'what a friend we have in jesus...' this song was playing in my radio. Such surpassing comfort came through and a huge thought flashed in my mind - never take God's grace lightly, it was repaid with His own blood. There is no reason that God should heal my dad and help us, only by His grace and mercy. All I can do is to have faith in Christ and beg for His mercy.

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