Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Haven't been writing for a long time, hence please forgive my funny English and grammar... well, I have been busy recently, mainly work but at the same time find time to have fun in between. I traveled to Cameron highlands and the East Coast recently.

Cameron trip was a fun one, just chilled out with my workmates for the weekend. Having holiday in Malaysia is different than travelling to other countries, cos I can completely relax and enjoy and not afraid being missed out on anything, because I can go back anytime. The funness of Cameron trip is the people, having fun with a whole bunch of nice people and do silly things together.

Boh Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands

Kelantan trip was inspiring and refreshing. There were things which were familiar and not so familiar to me...

Foods of Kelantan

Budu - smelly fish sauce of Kelantan, goes with ulam (fresh raw veges)

Nasi Ulam - gotta use your fingers to get the best taste of it!

Keng Som - Thai spicy fish

Mongolian fried chicken

Mango Kerabu

Chili and cucumber dipping sauce for chicken legs

Yummy Kampung chicken legs

Ikan bakar

Nasi dagang (Trade rice) and Nasi Minyak (Oily rice) of Kota Bharu


Sup Perut (Soup with beef organs!)

Foods of Perhentian

BBQ squid with percik sauce

Fried fish (self caught)


Ikan Bakar

More updates when I have more time... time for bed now *yawns*...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


How do you describe heaven? If wedding is the mirror of the union of Christ and His people, then perhentians is the place where mirrored the beauty of heaven. Colourful fishes and corals, wonderful people, crystal clear unpolluted sea water, powder soft sandy beach, imagine how wonderful heaven is like. Maybe in heaven I know how to swim naturally like fishes and never get tired and eaten by sharks. Perhaps in heaven everyone will enjoy their work to the fullest with complete equality. Maybe everyone respects each other, and more than that, pure love. Maybe everyone has the capacity to appreciate hence fully comprehend God's grace. When people has a glorified body, perhaps they can worship God by knowing His perfect wonder, and receive the highest level of joy. That's the place where people never get tired serving and loving each other. That's a place where everyone shares the same belief. That's a place where there's no mosquitoes! (I just killed 2 when I was typing this).

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010