Saturday, March 09, 2013

Now but not yet

Christ has not just overcome death, for me, he has overcome 'life'. Within this age of 'now but not yet', death seems to be daunting, yet 'life' (I mean this life, before the consummation) seems to be frustrating. The stench on decay haunts us day after day, reminding us how dreadful life can be, if there is no hope, if there is no Christ. Since the day we exist, the ultimate judgment awaits us. As sinners we are born powerless, we stand on no ground against a Holy God. Yet, in His mercy, he has chosen us, and lovingly pursue us, like a heavenly hound, there is no way we can run away from His will. I see this capture a good thing, a lovely thing. Not a restriction from freedom, but in contrast, a mean to set me free. Just as a fish swimming in a polluted sea, there is no way that the fish can get out of the water, unless the external power removes the fish out of the water and relocate it to the clean water. We foolish humans having this illusion of freedom, freedom from God's rules and disciplines, yet we never realise that we ourselves are trapped in the sea corrupted by sin.   

When is God the fisher of men will fish me out of this gloom? Though not to the point of dark misery and despair, my conscience is not clear to selfishly indulge in my little own comforts and luxuries. When can my heart be completely satisfied and thus rest in peace? Might that be the day when Christ returns? The tension comes from tension created within, torn between the ideal world and reality. 

"Dwell in me", says the Christ. Never be tempted to walk alone, for you are never alone. You fool, aren't you know that this battle is not yours, but mine? Then why are you exasperated? Because you took pride in yourself, you fought with your own strength, whether for good or selfish reasons, you fought alone, for your own glory. You will never succeed in the battle which never meant for you to fight, for you are too weak and powerless. Abide in me, my child. I am your sword, your shield, your armour. Rest in me, have peace knowing that you belong to me, and I have accepted you, through the blood I shed for you, on that old rugged cross. As the lover, the husband, the head, the Lord, I have every reason to protect you, to guide you, to lead you, to complete the good works I have started in you, till that very end (which is infinity). Have faith in me, just as how you trust your parents, trust me also, even more than your parents, that I love you, and have the ability to accomplish my good will. 

Be part of my kingdom, work for me. I am your Lord, your God. See what I have been doing in the world, I have not 'rest' since the very day I started. I am the beginning and the end. Be part of my work, of gathering my people, calling them to serve and glorify my name. You will see, you will find satisfaction, one day, when that day comes, you will say, "Hallelujah praise the Lord! Your name is worthy, your name is worthy of our worship, your glory fills the earth, sins were no more, pains were no more, tears were no more, only joy, only fulfillment that you can sense beyond your sight, hearing, taste, touch and feel. 

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